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Why Waste your PCA’s time?

Courtesy: www.experience.com
Courtesy: www.experience.com

By Borijan Borozanov

I’ve been serving as a PCA for two semesters in a row. During this time and according to my not so perfect journal, I have had close to 200 face-to-face meetings with my fellow students, reviewed more than 70 first-time resumes and exchanged approximately 400 e-mails.

The numbers might suggest that I am working a lot, but that’s not my impression. On the contrary and in my humble opinion, your Peer Career Advisors are just one more of the CMC tools that is being highly underutilized.

Recently, I tried to inquire with several of you, what is the reason for me sitting alone during my PCA hours. And like most of the people, I hate sitting alone.

Let’s see some of the most common reasons and my answers:

1. I thought that PCAs are there just to review my first resume and nothing beyond that?

Entirely not true!

We serve as an extension to the CMC coaching stuff for almost all other activities under the CMC portfolio. Regardless of whether you need review of your cover letter, advice on general career search strategies or just a small chit-chat on our own experiences, we are there to help you. We can simply talk over things like how to use Global Connect better or what the do’s or don’t’s of networking are . But, you will never know if you don’t ask.

2. What value can the PCA bring since they are just students, same as me?

A lot!

All members of the PCA team are highly successful in getting internship or job offer ahead of the curve. In addition, we have been trained extensively and continuously by the CMC coaches. However, the most important thing is that we are extremely motivated to help our peers.

3. I am regularly meeting my coach, so why do I need to waste my time with the PCA?

Legitimate reason, I agree. But, sometimes it does not hurt to get the student perspective on the process. All of us went through most recent trials and errors, so what you can get for free are examples on what can work for you differently.

4. I do not know who my PCA is. The one that I had graduated last year. Do I need to ask for one?

Yes and No. Although all of the PCAs have originally assigned group of students, we are open to work with all students. CMC regularly publishes our schedule and you can find us in IBIC or the Commons or on the first floor of the CMC building throughout the week.

To put it in simpler words: If you do not like my boyish looks, you can always choose somebody more handsome–like Stepan. If Tiago’s European accent is bothersome, you can always reach out to Tony’s genuine Chinese or Pulkit’s lovely Hindi. And when it comes to the classy options you know we have Justin and A.Z..

My final message is:

Don’t make it easy on us, make it easy on you. We hope to see you soon.

On that note, your Peer Career Advisor (PCA) team has put together a student panel workshop as part of our CMC services to discuss your summer options. You will find this session engaging whether you have an internship, do not have an internship, or will be attending classes (while preparing for fall or spring internships). Join us on Thursday, April 24th, during dead hour, in LECT 55, to discover more about your options.

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