Weekly Update for 6/15/14

Hello Thunderbird Community, This update is a bit lengthy, but there is a lot of important information today, so please be sure to take a read! Our hearts go out to Reynolds High School and Seattle Pacific University, both institutions dealing with the aftermath of on-campus shootings in the last week.  This scenario has become […]

From the Archives…

Dear Readers, Can you identify this famous President of Thunderbird from the following clues? 1.This President was selected by the board of trustees when Thunderbird was struggling in every aspect; academics, physical campus, student morale and funding. 2. Being the seventh President of Thunderbird, he served for 17 long years and changed the reputation of […]

Career Path: IT Managers

Information Technology managers or IT project managers or Computer and Information System managers are responsible for planning and coordinating the day-to-day computer related work in an organization. They set the technology goals of organizations and upgrade or install computer system to meet the goals. Responsibilities The IT managers typically do the following activities: Analyze the […]

Summer Tri Socializing

By Thaedra Brondum With the summer trimester started and a quarter of the way through, Thunderbird’s campus seems empty.  This summer there are only about 100 students on campus as most students have taken this time to participate in internships, travel, TEM Labs, or even the summer language intensive opportunities.  Still, the Spring 2014 intake, […]

Perceiving Value in the Thunderbird Brand

By Giacomo Paccione What is the value of the Thunderbird brand? What is the value of our Thunderbird education? These have been questions asked on campus since the institution was established in 1946.  At times, the perception of the value was higher or lower, but now the ongoing changes of the school have generated a perception […]

TEM Lab in Tunisia: T-Birds Open Doors

by Nate Stickney We arrived in Tunisia not knowing a single one of its 10 million residents, but within hours we were already astonished at how small the world truly is. On Day 1 we met with a Thunderbird graduate who has lived and worked here for several decades.  On Day 2 day we met […]

The Thunderbird Mystique Lives On (Take 2)

By  Joy Lubeck, ’86,  President of the Alumni Council of Thunderbird (ACT) This past May 9th,   I enjoyed the distinct privilege of not only attending Thunderbird’s commencement ceremony, but officially welcoming our graduates into Thunderbird’s global alumni community. The beautiful spring air was electric; filled with a great sense of celebration and joy, pride of […]

How to Start Relationships with Thunderbird Alumni

By Michael Seaver, Director, Alumni Engagement In 2013, The Economist ranked Thunderbird #2 for “Internationalism of Alumni” and #3 for “Potential to Network”. It certainly isn’t a secret that the Thunderbird Mystique is alive and well. We truly are one of a kind – there is no other graduate global management school like Thunderbird. Alumni worldwide […]