Career Spotlight: Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Managers are responsible for enhancing the company’s image in the market. They create content and arrange campaigns so that the perception of the company with the general public is enhanced and stays for a longer time. A specialized group of public relations managers called ‘fundraising managers’ arrange campaigns in a larger scale and collect donations for major causes.


Public Relations Managers are typically involved in the following work:

  • Responsible for clients to communicate their message publicly.
  • Co-ordinate the content of press releases
  • Manage the content that goes to the media
  • Maintain the advertising campaign and promotions
  • Recommend ideas to enhance the company’s image
  • To clarify and give ideas in the marketing department
  • Mange the internal communications like company newsletter and organization efforts.
  • Help the chief executives of the organization by arranging their speeches, interviews and providing official press releases.
  • To make sure that the press releases are legally correct and compliant to the laws of the state and country.

Fund Raising Managers are typically involved in the following work:

  • Identifying potential donors and contacting them
  • Managing the fund raising strategy of the organization
  • Plan for campaigns to generate funds by donations
  • Decide the fund raising techniques like annual campaign, capital campaign and major gift giving.
  • Manage and supervise the support staff.

Job outlook

Bureau of Labor Statistics ( states that Public Relations and Fund raising managers held about 62,100 jobs in 2012. The distribution of these managers in various industries is as below:


Candidates seeking jobs in Public Relations can do a certification in public relations.

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has further details about this certification. It is called APR – Accreditation in Public Relations. This year 2014 marks their 50th Anniversary.  For the candiaates who are interested in Fund raising manager job, there is a certification called Certified Fund Raising Executive program provided by CFRE International.


Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median wage for public relations manager is $95,450 in 2012. The distribution of wages for this job in various industries is shown below:



Comparison of salaries of Public Relation managers with other similar occupations is shown below:




Public Relations and Fund Raising Manager jobs are expected to grow by 13% from 2012 to 2022. The percent change in employment is as shown below:



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