Natural Sciences Manager

For those of you who still have an interest in research and development, a career as a natural sciences manager may be for you. It is a very good option that combines both the managerial skills and the penchant for research. Generally natural sciences managers are responsible for coordinating the work of various scientists, physicists, […]

Mesmerizing Miami

By Casey Sutton What city is home to more than 50% foreign-born residents, where nearly 80 languages are spoken, and has been nicknamed “the immigrant capital of the world”? Would you say Hong Kong? Mumbai? New York? You would be wrong in all cases – it’s Miami! As the 42nd largest city in the United […]

Weekly Update for 7/27/14

Dear All, I hope you’ve had a great week and are surviving the Arizona heat!  Remember – drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and try to cool!   Here is what you’ll find in today’s update:   1.       Graduating Class Photo Shoot 2.       Yet another NSHMBA Scholarship Winner 3.       Check out Kyle Wu’s 17th FT Blog Post 4.       Remember to […]

From the Archives – Famous Buildings in Thunderbird

J.T. Tai building  The J.T. Tai building was originally known as the International Studies (IS) building. It was completed in 1991 as a faculty offices building for the International Studies Department.  In the early 2000s the building housed the Garvin Center for Cultures and Languages of Global Business and became popularly called the Garvin Center […]

A Culture Tour

By Thaedra Brondum Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is known as a spa town because of the natural hot springs that is right below it. With the springs below the city, there are many locations around the city where people can drink the hot spring water for free. The temperature of the water available for drinking differs […]

Global Cuisine – Chicken Biryani (Indian)

By Ooha Venugopal This new column will feature exciting global cuisines every week. A famous dish from each country will be shared as well as detailed preparation steps. For the first week, we are sharing how to prepare a mouth-watering ‘Chicken Biryani’.  Ingredients: Basmati Rice – 1 Kilogram Chicken – 1 Kilogram (Cut into pieces […]