A Spot of Coffee with a Bite of Chocolate

By, Rick Beitman Supporting good, local businesses is fashionable. However, one of the most unique small businesses neighboring Thunderbird may have passed under the radar: Rayner’s Chocolate & Coffee Shop. Open since 2012, it was recently discovered by first-year MBA student Sylvia Imbrock. Run by an entrepreneurial couple, Rayner’s (like Thunderbird) has its own international […]

Más que Palabras: Experiencing Small Businesses in Atenas

By, David J Roman In last week’s issue of DasTor, I shared about small businesses in Antigua Guatemala I observed while on my 2-month, 10-country expedition through Latin America. This edition will feature businesses of Atenas, Costa Rica. After 34 days and more than 5,000 miles on the road, I had revved my motorcycle for […]

Keep On Ruckin

By, Travis Richardson “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” –       George Bernard Shaw Crouch. Touch. Set. Pusshhhh! Anyone that has ever been in a scrum understands well the importance of organization, teamwork, and persistence in times of competition. On Saturday, October 4th, our Thunderbird Rugby Club […]

Grammar Grief

By, Jessica Knutzon   When One Letter Makes A Difference When writing it is easy to confuse words that differ by only one letter. Below are a few examples of words that have little similar spellings but different meanings. Everyday vs Every Day These are often confused and some people choose to not use every […]

World Cuisine: Jordanian Mansaf

By, Jessica Knutzon A wonderful part of being a Thunderbird student is learning from your peers – especially about their favorite foods. In this week’s edition of Global Cuisine we asked first trimester student Munzer Fahoum about his favorite dish from his home country, Jordan. It is Bedouin dish that is served in Jordan, Saudi […]

Successful Initiative Report: ThunderBikes

By, Alina Buzgar Can you can get from campus to Safeway or Walmart in five minutes without using a car or spending any money? Yes, you can! Use a ThunderBike.   Bike sharing programs were started in Europe in the mid 2000’s and by 2013 became a global phenomenon growing to an estimated half a […]

Know Your ThunderStaff – Kathy at the Commons

By, Timothy Badley “It was like a whole world I never knew existed out there,” Kathy O’Conner explained as her first impression of Thunderbird. In 1987, O’Conner moved from upstate New York to Arizona with her 8 year old daughter and 3 year old son. She started as a cashier at the “Crossroads Coffee Shop” […]

Learning a New language at Thunderbird, for Free!

By, Gloria Liu Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language but you just don’t know where to start? Well, you are not alone. Fortunately, at Thunderbird, you will find many language learning opportunities, for free.   Last week, when I finished a two hour long language study session with my Japanese partner Koji […]

Weekly Update for 10/10/2014

By, Rebecca Henriksen Dear  T-birds, It’s been an intense week with tests, presentations, interviews, club meetings, and more. I am always impressed by our student’s ability to balance so many tasks and responsibilities. But then of course I’m talking about T-birds, the most adaptable people in the world.   Here is what you’ll find in […]

4 Tips For Finals Week

By Alina Buzgar, Staff Writer Finals week is looming with its tight deadlines, last minute study sessions, frantic group meetings and lots of stress. You have been looking for ways to get more time and energy to study and hand-in those deliverables on time. You are sleeping less and not exercising at all. Can science […]