Stand Out and Secure an Internship – presented by Amway

By, Jessica Knutzon

While several students at Thunderbird are preparing for graduation and looking for full time employment, several students are on the search for an internship to gain experience and expand their networks. Jake Terry of Amway hosted a workshop on how to stand out amongst other applicants and secure an internship. For each of the following elements of the interview process, Terry went in-depth on how to improve each one and what you need to do to score that internship.

Your resume speaks for you and needs to be targeted enough that when an employer takes eight seconds to scan your resume, he or she can see your results, accomplishments, and leadership positions. Make sure to include your GPA and graduation year. As often emphasized by the CMC, make sure to format your resume correctly and that it is error free.

Digital Footprint
Most people are all over social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – amongst others – and employers are checking your profiles. Terry suggests avoiding social networking pitfalls by keeping any offensive or inappropriate information off of your social networking pages. When adding content to your page, make sure to share valuable news, contribute and influence in a positive and constructive way. Terry emphasized the importance of being “profersonal.” It is possible to be both personal and professional – you just need to find the right balance.

Interaction at Sponsored Events
First and foremost: do your homework! Make sure to know the company and role very well. Make a great first impression with your presence, which includes appropriate attire, eye contact, proper body language (show enthusiasm!), tone, and connection. Additionally, be articulate and make sure to demonstrate confidence. Ask insightful questions that demonstrate critical thinking.

Career Fairs
The main goal at career fairs is to have the employer ask for your resume. You have a thirty second sell: make sure to articulate your value to the company by emphasizing your results – both what they are and how they were accomplished.

Graduate students have the fortune of having access to professors on a regular basis and they know everything there is about how to find a job. Make sure to get involved, be memorable and be recommendable. You never know who your professor knows and which students he or she would like to connect with his or her own contacts.

Make sure to show up on time. Once that interview has started, articulate your interest as well as your qualifications. Follow the STAR model to demonstrate your experiences and how those are beneficial to the employer. Ask for clarification when needed – do not be afraid of silence and take some time to collect your thoughts. Finally, at the end of the interview, have questions ready and ask about next steps.

Send a prompt thank you note to the person (or people) who interviewed you. Make sure the thank you card is uniquely tailored and not generic. You can even post about your experience on the company social media channels. When following up with employer for requested supplements, such as references, work products and portfolio items, feel free to ask additional questions that were not mentioned during the interview.



Terry, Thunderbird class of 2014, was an intern at Amway during the summer of 2013. Terry is now a Senior Project Manager at Amway. Amway is a direct selling company based in Ada, Michigan. To learn more visit


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