The “Sun Bird” Tradeoff: An ASU Merger Update

By, Rick Beitman In the ongoing saga that is the Thunderbird and ASU merger, the Chicago-based Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the accrediting body for both institutions, has approved the linkup. In a November 24 e-mail, Thunderbird President Dr. Penley and ASU Deputy Provost Dr. Mark Searle informed students of the integration of Thunderbird School of […]

Thunderbird Emerging Markets Lab – Past, Present, and Future

By, Jessica Knutzon “The one thing I want more than anything else is the opportunity to use what they [the students] are learning in class, apply it, and to change their lives,” Professor Michael Finney shares as he leans back in his chair. The Thunderbird Mystique, which Finney describes as “a special mix of isolation […]

Top 10 Christmas Movies

By, Jessica Knutzon Christmas is an important religious, cultural, and commercial holiday in the United States. Each person who celebrates (or does not celebrate) the holiday has memories, traditions, or perceptions about Christmas. There are countless movies about the holiday and each capture different sentiments associated with December 25. If you do not celebrate the […]

T-bird Alumnus Sheds Light on His Niche in Contractor Management Services

By, David J. Roman “Name one industry that doesn’t use Independent Contractors”, said T-bird alumnus Patrick LaVoie ’97 of Contractor Management Services (CMS) in an interactive workshop on campus Tuesday, November 18th. He smiled at our silence, continuing with “CMS is in the business of supporting great business relationships. Through substantial documentation, we provide the […]

GE Inspires Healthy Competition; Thunderbird Team Represents Well

By, David J. Roman Thomas Edison founded General Electric (GE) in 1890. GE was created from a variety of businesses related to his inventions like the dynamo and incandescent lamp. Since then, GE has grown into a massive conglomerate that focuses on “building, curing, moving, and powering the world”. Thunderbird was invited to select a […]

Know Your Staff: Torrey Mann

By, Alina Buzgar “Most of us who work with students are very student centric. And the students here are terrific. I have been given a better, broader life because of my involvement with them.” Torrey Mann   In August 1998, Torrey Mann began her Thunderbird career working with Cheri Hazen in the Global Business Faculty […]

Student Club Profile: Women International

By, Alina Buzgar Women make up approximately 30% of the student body at Thunderbird, and there are only 14 female CEOs running the country’s largest 500 publicly traded companies. 2.8% isn’t good enough.   In 2014, the head of the IMF, the chancellor of Germany, and the chair of the US Federal Reserve are women. […]

For a better tomorrow: Net Impact — Two Current Students Experience

By, Gloria Liu This year, the ‘100 different flavors of amazing’ and ‘emotional highpoint of our year’ Net Impact Conference, a leading nonprofit, was held in Twin Cities, Minneapolis. For three days from November 6 to November 8, thousands of leaders in businesses, academics, and nonprofits gather there to share their ideas and seek solutions. A […]

“It’s not you. It’s really me.”

By, Gloria Liu Recently I watched a video called ‘Google, I Quit!’ on LinkedIn. It is about a former Google employee Michael Peggs leaving what many call ‘the place to work for’. In the video, Michael gave us a tour of the fascinating Google work environment: – tasty food, video games, tunnel entries, and etc. He […]

Weekly update – 11/21/2014

By, Rebecca Henriksen Another exciting weekend is in store here at Thunderbird. There is an EMBA/full-time student mixer tonight at the pub, ThunderCares and the Americas Regional Night are happening tomorrow, followed by the Turkey Trot on Sunday afternoon (which I think should be mandatory for all T-birds who had too much fun on Saturday night J). […]