Know Your TSG Spring 2015

By: Alina Buzgar, Features Editor Das Tor welcomes the fresh team of Thunderbird Student Government (TSG) for Spring 2015. Sabah Hussain, President As TSG President, Sabah is responsible for coordinating student affairs and events. You’ll be able to see me Fridays 1pm-2pm at TSG public meetings in LH 53. I am interested in your opinions […]

What Does ASU Have to Offer? Free Services and Schedule of Upcoming Events

By: Emma Livingston, Staff Writer Now that Thunderbird has joined forces with ASU, T-Bird students have access to a vast network of ASU campuses and events. Getting to ASU is easy thanks to the free car shuttle service, Ruby Ride, that takes students from the Thunderbird campus to ASU West. One of the highlights of […]

“T” for Trees and Thunderbird

By: Thaedra Brondrum, Guest Writer, and Alina Buzgar, News Editor T-Birds get together and partner with administration to respond to the storm that hit our campus and destroyed many trees. On Saturday September 27, 2014, the large micro storm that swept Phoenix, Arizona caused a lot of damage to the landscape of our school. Thunderbird […]

新年快乐!Chinese Spring Festival Party at Green Tree Lounge

By: Gloria Liu, Staff Writer Last Friday, with the Chinese Year of the Goat coming soon, Greater China Club held a Chinese New Year party for Thunderbird students and families who were interested to experience the traditional Chinese way of welcoming a new year.  Around 60 people showed up at the party. They enjoyed Chinese […]

Lunar Festival Brings Vietnam to Arizona

By: Guest Writers Jasmine Pham, David J. Roman, and Vince Vu Nghia (Vince) Vu (MBA ’15, Vietnam) recalled with a smile how Ho Chi Minh City comes alive for the Tet Nguyen Dan festival, vibrant horticultural displays everywhere along “Flower Street” for three weeks. He and Tra (Jasmine) Pham (MBA ’15, Vietnam) are both the […]

Global Cuisine: Pisco Sour

By: Jessica Knutzon, Features Editor Pisco is a brandy that is produced in both Peru and Chile, varying in quality and alcohol content. Most people consume this spirit by drinking the popular drink pisco sour. For years, Peru and Chile have fought over where pisco sour originated and which country has perfected the beverage. Peruvian […]

Date Me If You Dare – Valentine’s Day Matching Show

By: Gloria Liu, Staff Writer Spending Valentine’s Day alone seems unappealing to many people, especially university students who secrete an abundance of hormones. To combat with the enormous loneliness and massive boredom, Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSC) at Arizona State University (ASU) hosted a matching show called “Fei Cheng Wu Rao” meaning “Don’t ask […]

Renaissance in the Arizona Desert

By: Marissa Burkett, Staff Writer Huzzah! Last Saturday, Valentine’s Day, love was in the air at the 27th Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival! Thousands gathered at the fairgrounds, outside of Queen Creek, to revel at the mastery of the jousting knights, laugh at the jesters and throw tomatoes at the town dunce. Normally, it is custom […]

Using Business Skills for Social Impact

By: Marissa Burkett, Staff Writer Last Friday’s Social Impact Day offered a multitude of interesting speakers, and experts in social enterprise and nonprofit industries. The event, which was co-sponsored by the Thunderbird Marketing Association, Honor Council and Net Impact, covered topics from biotechnological advances for social benefit to how to not pay a bribe. The […]

On Contentment

As related to Emma Livingston, Staff Writer; original author requested anonymity. It is so amusing that when I suggested to my friends about writing this article on being content they all had a big laugh about it. Has it become so hilarious or so unrealistic that no one believes in being content anymore? Or is […]