CMC Endeavors to Help, Even with Fewer Staff

By: Gloria Liu, Staff Writer

 It is exciting to attend upcoming career fairs at ASU’s various campuses, yet it is just as disappointing to see Thunderbird has none. Students graduating this May are anxious for full-time jobs, and students graduating this December are desperate for a summer internship. At a time when we are all highly motivated to find a job, we can be especially frustrated knowing the fact that CMC is left at only half capacity after the merger with ASU. However, the morale does not have to be low. On the contrary, we may be lifted up since CMC is now preparing several campaigns to help students find a job. Well, as least I am.

 Last Tuesday I had a conversation with Helen Wu, a Taiwanese CMC staffer and also a T-Bird. I came up to her with great concern about my own job search, but I left with equally great, if not more, confidence on my career goals. Basically, we talked about the prospect events and campaigns, including Networking Nights held by the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, “Ask me what job I am looking for” which is the reversed version of “Ask me How I get the job”, and a possible Spring Career Fair held for Thunderbird.

Networking Nights

This MBA Company Networking Night will be held on March 19, 2015. Sign ups are now available at WPC Connect that can be accessed through the right column of Global Connect. Wu said that companies will gather resumes on March 19, conduct interviews with prospective candidates the next day, and probably hold a golf game on March 21. So, this is an event for MBA candidates, but what about MA and MS students? According to my Friday conversation with an ASU Coach, if the event shows up on your WPC Connect, it means you are eligible to go. I am a MS, and I have that event on my list.

“Ask me what job I am looking for”

This is the pre-version of “Ask me how I get the job”.  Wu made the proposal to the CMC team with the hope that students can be more proactive in their job search. The contents will be posted in the Commons, the IBIC, and the Pub, where students usually hang out. T-Birds who already secured a job can reach out to job searching students once their company has openings. Professors and alumni can also provide help to matching students.

Spring Career Fair for Thunderbird

If you attended last Friday’s Club Day, you would probably would have seen Wu asking professional clubs for joint efforts. Thunderbird used to have the Spring Career Fair five years ago, so the CMC would really want to bring it back. But left with only half capacity, the CMC team finds it challenging. So Wu said to the team, “Why not ask help from professional clubs?” The Thunderbird Finance Association, the Thunderbird Marketing Association, and others all have their contacts in corresponding industries, with last trimester’s successful Tech Connection being a good example.

I believe we all would really like the ideas of these campaigns, and will be very much excited to see them happening in the future.

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