Public Art of Prague

By: Emma Livingston, Staff Writer Amidst the old buildings and prominent statues of men on horses that dominate the streets of Prague, there are hidden gems of public sculptures, sometimes playful, sometimes disturbing, that give the city a modern, often sardonic twist. Here are some examples: This monument to famous Czech author, Franz Kafka, by […]

Budapest – The Heart of Europe

By: Sindhuja Kodivalas, Staff Writer Photos Courtesy of: Kaladhar Rachabathuni The ‘Heart of Europe’, Pearl of the Danube (river) – Budapest is definitely a place everyone must visit. “Buda” and “Pest”, the two cities stand magnificently on both sides of the river Danube. Everything I heard about Budapest was true and it lived up to […]

Ruin Bars – The Spot for Ultimate Nightlife

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer Photos Courtesy of: Kaladhar Rachabathuni The unique nightlife, the amazing ‘beer gardens’, and the ‘exclusive ruin bars’ are the fantastic factors of Budapest. The well known and exclusive pubs are not the only places one must visit; pick any random pub or bar, enter it.. You will be surprised by […]

Unique Networking Opportunity Opens Doors to T-Birds

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor On March 19, 2015, more than 60 T-Birds made the trip to Tempe to participate in the Spring Company Networking Night (CNN), a W.P. Carey event, where they had the opportunity to interact and network with companies, and apply to the open positions they currently offer. “[This event] […]

So… What is a Public Arts Project?!

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor On a typical Arizona style sunny afternoon of March 27, 2015, T-Birds met on the lawn in front of the Commons to challenge themselves, and in true artistic fashion create something out of nothing at a unique public arts event: CRAFTx.   Armed with gallons of ice cold […]