‘Borderless’: The Last Word

A Letter from the Editor Graduation is upon us. This signals a time of change and transition. However, for T-Birds, much of our Thunderbird experience was fraught with nothing but change and transition. – Now, there are many ways to look at that; some might quote Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was […]

Support Nepal!

By: Tenzing Pela, Guest Writer It was past midnight here in Glendale on April 25, 2015 and I was getting ready to go to bed when a friend on Facebook notified me that an earthquake had hit Nepal. I instantly knew this was the ‘big one’. For quite some time, experts had been warning us […]

This is Angola: TEM Lab

By: Robert McCracken, Guest Writer TIA. This is Africa. Everything here is done differently. What you learned elsewhere in the world or in your MBA usually does not work the same way as it does in Africa. Ask anyone who has been here. But this is also not the Africa you imagine when you close […]

New Favorite: Ali Baba’s Restaurant

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor Ali-Baba might just be the Glendale synonym for great Middle Eastern food. A family-owned and family-run restaurant, Ali Baba’s brings new and exotic flavors to the Glendale community serving wholesome and deliciously generous platters of Middle Eastern dishes. Located on 35th Ave and Greenway, Ali Baba’s, is a great place […]

Děkuji Praha

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer The amazing six weeks in Prague comes to an end! It has been a rollercoaster ride. As we plan our future travels we also reminisce on the wonderful moments we had in Prague. It has been a hectic six weeks in terms of classwork. Finishing an entire trimester’s work in […]

Prague Regional Night

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer Photo Courtesy: Sarunyu Thepbunchonchai Amidst the evening breeze, and a slight drizzle, the cruise set out on the Vltava River. The cruise was full of energy with all the Module Abroad students gathered on board, for the Prague Regional Night. It was a fitting beginning to an amazing last week […]

Waiting for Reimbursements

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Thunderbird’s 41 student organizations range from the frivolous (Pub Trivia) to the functional (Thunderbird Marketing Association) to the regional (Japan Club). Many of them host costly activities, and can in theory be reimbursed through the Thunderbird Student Government. The reimbursement process has always been cumbersome, but the merger with ASU […]

Let’s Party Like It’s the Last Regional Night

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor T-Birds had a fabulous party last Saturday at the last Regional Night of the semester. The theme of the night was “Let’s Party” and so we did! Transatlantic Regional night featured food, dances, and music representative of Latin America, Africa, and Europe. And there were no dissapointments as T-Birds […]

Athens: Ancient City, Youthful Energy

By: Emma Livingston, Staff Writer The allure of place is the reason I travel. I travel to soak in the rhythms, the verve, the ancient energy of a place. I love places with history, because I can imagine the stories, the lives of humans thousands of years before me who stood where I am standing. […]

T-Bird Writes Travel Playbook

By: Mark Jackson, Guest Writer We recently had a chance to speak with Mark Jackson (MS Global Marketing ’14, U.S.) about his new crowdfunding campaign for THE TRAVEL PLAYBOOK, a paperback detailing tips, tricks, and hacks he used to visit over 60 countries.  Das Tor: You wrote a book on travel. How did this happen? […]