Board games in the board room? Thunderbird and Diplomacy

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Some people like board games, and some people don’t. I do, and my current favorite is called Diplomacy. A typical game of Diplomacy is a seven-player, 3-hour extravaganza of shifting strategic alliances. It’s said to be the sort of game that ruins friendships. It’s great fun. But more than that, […]

My Favorite Places on Campus

By Emma Livingston, Co-editor Fall classes have started and our beautiful Thunderbird campus in Glendale, Arizona, has come alive again with students rushing to and from class, enjoying leisurely lunches and chats with their colleagues outside the Commons and shouting to each other from the balcony of A Dorm to the balcony of B Dorm (the […]

Global Cuisine: Kibbe

By Jessica Knutzon, Co-Editor Kibbe, which can be written in many ways, is originally a Middle Eastern dish and the word comes from Arabic for “ball.” The most popular form of this dish combines two main ingredients of meat and wheat rolled into a football-shaped ball, then fried. Today, kibbe is prepared in a variety […]

Thunderbird’s Future: A Tarot Reading

By Emma Livingston, Co-editor With Thunderbird’s future so uncertain, and the business strategy going forward hazy at best, the school may need to turn to more occult methods to understand its new position and predict what lies ahead. That is why I have decided to give a Tarot reading for Thunderbird School of Global Management […]

Welcome Back

By Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief Das Tor has been an important part of campus life for over three decades. Giving a voice to students, to their thoughts and doubts, putting a face on plights and predicaments but also sharing happy occasions and joyful events within our community. Our team’s promise is to continue to be your […]