Parking Town Hall Showcases Student Frustration

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor Thunderbird students and staff attended a “Town Hall” meeting on September 22nd led by Melinda Alonzo, Director of Arizona State University (ASU) Parking and Transit Services, to answer questions about the new parking fees coming into effect on the Thunderbird campus October 5th. The team from ASU PTS had prepared a […]

Merger Mania: Changes at Home

This column is dedicated to the thoughts of students as the Arizona State University merger progresses. By Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor Note from the author: I had originally elected to remain anonymous but have since changed my mind. I am very proud of Thunderbird and hope that this small voice is heard. I was a Thunderbird before I […]

Trump to Thunderbird: “Build a wall” around Mexican students*

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer –A satirical take on the world around us.– Real-estate tycoon and presidential hopeful Donald Trump paid a visit to Thunderbird’s campus. Below is a follow-up letter he sent after returning to New York. –ed. I just want to say thanks to all the wonderful students and faculty I met on […]

Tales from Abroad: Cedric Yumba

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer A Preface With the current merger situation in full swing, change, it seems, has become both a rapid and integral part of daily life here at Thunderbird. In fact, if one doesn’t take the time to remember what brought them here in the first place, they may be doomed to […]


By Makarand Gawade, Staff Writer Every coin has two sides, and likewise, the U.S. corn based fuel ethanol industry has its supporters and opponents. I have worked in biofuel industry for over ten years and with the comprehensive experience, know-how, and knowledge in this space, I believe this is a sustainable clean energy and I […]

Get to Know Your New ASU Staff: Professor Thomas Puleo

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer Professor Thomas Puleo is a geographer by training who specializes in place theory, or how places are made and used on multiple scales. He is drawn to geography because it is very inclusive: it discusses how history, sociology, biology, technology, and many other fields come together to shape how places […]

Get to Know the Underbirds

By Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief Located just a mile east from Thunderbird Campus, the ASU West Campus  is where undergraduate T-birds started their Bachelor’s in Global Management (BGM) this August. I had the opportunity to meet the first BGM class a few weeks ago and I wasn’t at all surprised they are amazing young-bright-eyed-witty-youngsters eager to start their journey through college. They […]

Easterlies Regional Night: How was it all done?

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer The first regional night (Easterlies Regional Night) of the Fall 2015 semester was held on Saturday,  September 19. The TEC was filled with exotic dances, plays, costumes, music and cuisines provided by the African Club, Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA), China Club, East Asia Club, and India South Continent […]

International Friends Dinner

By Sanghita Dey, Staff Writer Every T-bird brings its culture, diversity and knowledge to Thunderbird to make this beautiful journey awesome. We learn intercultural empathy, cross cultural diplomacy and dilute cultural boundaries to evolve as more diverse and global person. But in this fast and hectic journey of evolution, a silent message knocks our heart. […]