International Friends Dinner

By Sanghita Dey, Staff Writer

Every T-bird brings its culture, diversity and knowledge to Thunderbird to make this beautiful journey awesome. We learn intercultural empathy, cross cultural diplomacy and dilute cultural boundaries to evolve as more diverse and global person. But in this fast and hectic journey of evolution, a silent message knocks our heart. Somewhere we miss our home and family all of the time. Thunderbird International Friends (TIF) understands the emotions and mindset of international T-birds and comes as a new family to them.

Picture courtesy of Holly Baldwin

The fall 2015 international student family formed on August 28, 2015 at the TIF welcome dinner for all international T-birds at faith Bible church. After foundations and classes, the light evening relaxed T-birds’ minds and tickled their taste buds with delicious food. The colourful evening became more lighthearted with “cowboy cha cha” dance.                                          

Interests were peaked with the lottery, which brought useful gifts to the students such as a microwave, table lamp, window screens and much more. Sanghita Dey, MGM ’17, and Apoorv Joshi, MGM ’17, won bicycles in the bumper lottery, financed by Bob Royce. Donna Thomas, 87 years old, drove three hours to meet international T-birds, filled hearts with emotions.

Altogether, it was a soothing experience to the new T-birds. A small break from career planning, assignments and case studies brought smiles on everyone’s faces. TIF holds Friday get-togethers every week to share, guide and spread the essence of family.