TEM Lab: The Future

By Marissa Burkett, Guest Writer Beginning summer 2016, the Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory, or TEM Lab, will see some slight modifications in response to the new curriculum needs of the MGM students. The basics of the experience itself will remain intact. Led by Professor Michael Finney, the TEM Lab is the capstone international experience placing […]

What is Homecoming?

By Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief Though homecoming is the backdrop of so many American movies, it was a mystery to me until just a few days ago. I mean… what is homecoming? I felt that answering this question would give me further insight into American culture and help me decide whether or not to participate in the Arizona State University (ASU) […]

Merger Mania: Town Hall This Friday

By Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor Students were notified via Facebook on Wednesday afternoon and via email early on Thursday that there will be a town hall meeting this Friday, November 6, at 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Jay Thorne, who co-hosted the previous meeting, will host tomorrow at Lecture Hall 54. If students have questions to be addressed, […]

Get Out of Glendale: Frida Kahlo Exhibit

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer Frida Kahlo has long been an artist that I admire. Her paintings are raw and poignant, and many of them showcase a side of humanity that is painful but universal. Her work puts into color the feelings associated with isolation and loneliness, and her penchant for self-portraits emphasizes the importance […]

Meet The Original DreamCatchers

By Carlos Melendez, Guest Writer Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, once stated, “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Thunderbird for Good has kept this in mind developing several programs for women entrepreneurs around the globe, providing training for more than 100,000 women coming from more […]

ASU West Bee Alert*

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer ATTENTION: Satire article. Reader discretion is advised. Attention to all students, regardless of whether you have any intention of setting foot on Arizona State University (ASU) West’s campus in your lifetime: the cafeteria in ASU West is currently covered in bees. Every square inch of the floor, walls, ceiling, and […]

Get Your Kicks in Northern Arizona

By Jake Strickler, Staff Writer “These great roads are wonderful for moving goods but not for inspection of a countryside. You are bound to the wheel and your eyes to the car ahead and to the rear-view mirror for the car behind and the side mirror for the car or truck about to pass, and […]

Graduation Is Upon Us

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer The seasons are finally changing, Christmas time and the holidays are just around the corner and with all of this festivity comes graduation day. It is always a seminal and bittersweet time during which soon-to-be-graduates are simultaneously excited and nostalgic. In the short amount of time that I have spent […]

Introducing Small Data!*

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Thunderbirds are so diverse that they form dream target audience for global research.​ We at Das Tor wanted to tap into it in a fun way ! Small Data is Das Tor‘s initiative into anecdotal research. Every week we ask a few questions and then report on correlations (spurious of course!) […]

Clash of Consultants

By Sanghita Dey, Staff Writer On 30th October 2015, Thunderbird Management Consulting Association (TMCA) organized the 11th iteration of Clash of Consultants. Clash of Consultants is one of the most prestigious Thunderbird events, where one can develop one’s analytical and presentation skills. Participants from W.P. Carey School of Business increased the diversity of the event. […]