ASU Homecoming Parade

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer This past Saturday Thunderbird participated in its first ever Arizona State Univesity (ASU) Homecoming parade. The procession began at 8:15 in the morning when around 40 Thunderbird students and faculty, along with numerous other ASU organizations and clubs, set off in military style formation to complete the half-mile march down […]

Parent Visits: A Survival Guide

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer Having your parents come to visit can be a source of great comfort, especially in the midst of school-related stress. However, having visitors of any kind can potentially add stress and pressure to our already busy lives. With graduation and the inevitable influx of visiting family members less than a month […]

A Thunderbird Secret Agent?*

by Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Warning: If you are allergic to satire, proceed with caution. According to recently leaked intelligence reports, an unnamed member of Thunderbird’s finance faculty is actually a secret International Monetary Fund (IMF) agent working under the code name “Speculatre.” (The report did not say whether the agent is related to MALEFICENT, Thunderbird’s […]

On the Paris Attacks and Their Implications

By Jake Strickler, Staff Writer Eagles of Death Metal are an apolitical band. They are tongue-in-cheek and parodic, and espouse no ideals or stances outside of a half-ironic reverence for the excess and hedonism of rock music. If anything, they represent pure escapism. People listen to them and go to their concerts in order to […]

The FORAD Awakens*

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Warning: Satire from now until the end of the article. Seriously. Hostilities in the FORAD smoldering conflict have at last come to an end. The final result was a huge surprise for everyone, with the aptly named Team 6 coming in sixth, though they had been in first place until […]

If I Were a Leader of a Global Corporation

By Makarand Gawade, Staff Writer John Adam’s edifying words “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader,” epitomize the dynamism of leadership. If I were a leader, I would aspire to chart a new vision for an organization and strive to attain sustainable growth […]

Horror Stories of Massacres

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer Note: This article is a fictional letter written. Dear Maman, The sound of police cars must be ringing in your ears as you rushed to the theater in the hope of finding me alive. You must have begun praying for a miracle when you heard about the massacre over the […]

T-birds: What’s so special about this school?

By Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor We want to hear from you! For our very special highlights edition coming out in a few weeks, we want to collect quotes from students and alumni on what it means to be a T-bird. We will use these quotes in our digital or print edition. If you would like to […]