Refugee Consulting Project: Global Impact in Phoenix

By Faduma-Dhool Mohamed, Guest Writer There was no name for this exciting initiative when it was first presented. All I could think of was we need to get this started. Now. When the idea was first presented to me by Charles Reeves, TEM Lab’s Program Director and my mentor, we first thought of it as […]

An Insider Look at the Refugee Consulting Projects: Congo

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer The Refugee Consulting Projects are a portal for participation linking Thunderbird-ASU students with local minority communities. Thunderbird students have the unique opportunity to participate in something impactful, while also sharpening their newly acquired consulting skills on a real world project. It’s a mutually beneficial strategic alliance. Thanks to fellow Thunderbird […]

Thunderbird’s Once-In-A-Lifetime Debate: Origin Story

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor It was a magical night at the Coleman Lounge, late January 2015. There were 15 of us sitting in a circle, sharing stories of our countries and our cultures. It was the night I learned that in Mauritania, the bride is not allowed to smile during her wedding. It was the […]

TEMBA Bazaar

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Last Wednesday, the old pub played host to the biannual festival that only a T-bird would know of if you were so inclined to bring it up outside of the Thunderbubble. Yes, the traditional, cultured fiesta known as the TEMBA Bazaar has been a school staple for decades now. One […]

Interview: TIAA Finds New Executive Director in ’02 Alum

By Jake Strickler, Co-Editor The Thunderbird Independent Alumni Association recently announced that a selection had been made in their search for a new permanent Executive Director. The highly qualified individual who made the cut: Lenora Peppers Greene of the Class of 2002. Lenora calls Austin, Texas home, and, in true T-Bird fashion, grew up moving […]

The Ping Pong Diplomacy

By Yan Ren, Guest Writer; Peng Gao, Guest Writer; and Lauren Herber, Co-Editor Last Thursday, Thunderbird’s Greater China Club hosted a ping pong tournament in the Coleman lounge. The event was held to honor the “ping pong diplomacy” that led to the restoration of Sino-U.S. relations in the 1960s, which had been on hold for more […]

Reflections From an Esteemed Alum

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer A couple of weeks ago, a group of us from the Das Tor team released a conglomeration of articles spanning a half century of history, as told from the students’ perspective here at Thunderbird and released over the weekend of the 70th as “Das Tor Through the Years.” Request and […]

Monuments of the World: Sold!

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer If you were reading about the atrociousness of the Panama Papers and the billions of dollars hidden, there is one simple thing you understand about scams: they work! In spite of how insane they seem to be, people have fallen into these traps – to the extent of a “sale” […]