T-Birds Show Support for Kyle Schwent

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer and Lauren Herber, Co-Editor

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On the evening of Friday, April 22, beloved T-bird family member Kyle Schwent (MS ’15, US) was the victim of a tragic accident while riding his motorcycle on Bell Road. Kyle is currently beginning his road to recovery in the ICU at Honor Health John C. Lincoln Medical Center. He suffered fractures and broken bones in his face, ribs, and leg, along with multiple internal injuries. Doctors have since placed him into a medically-induced coma. The latest update from his family is that he was recently able to respond to commands, moving his arms and giving a thumbs-up, during a “sedation vacation” before being put back under to continue the healing process. Plans are set for Kyle to begin surgery in the near future.

Kyle (right) with his graduating class
Kyle (right) with his graduating class. PC Luca Lin

A recent graduate, Kyle chose to stay in the Phoenix area after graduation and has continued to remain active on campus. His accident has been especially difficult for his teammates on the Thunderbird Football Club soccer team. Kyle was an active member of the team before the accident, coming to campus several times a week to play soccer on the rugby field. Tomás Thomas and Nash Wills, President and Vice President of Thunderbird F.C., organized a trip to the hospital so that team members could show support to Kyle and his family. Nash described his reaction to the news: “Having played soccer with him as recently as this past Wednesday, it was both shocking and heartbreaking to hear of the tragic news.” Nash and the rest of the Thunderbird F.C. team urge T-birds to show their support for Kyle in his time of need and to take the time to visit him in the hospital. “I have been personally blessed in my experience of being able to cultivate a friendship with Kyle over the past year and have come to both see and know how strong-willed and tenacious of a person he is,” says Nash. “There is no doubt in my mind that with the support of friends and family, he will soon be back out on that soccer field and doing the things he loves again.”

Other Thunderbird F.C. members expressed similar sentiments. “Kyle is one of the most carefree and positive guys,” said Abishek Munshi (MBA ’16). “I wish him luck and pray for his wellbeing.” Kyle’s teammates expressed little doubt that he possesses the strength to pull through this difficult time. “I met Kyle when I started playing soccer at Thunderbird last fall,” said Yaz Ettaib (MGM ’16). “He’s always full of energy; good luck catching him if he sprints with the ball.” The news of the accident has shocked and saddened Yaz, but he’s staying positive. “Seeing this young man lying in a bed in a coma was heartbreaking. But the good news is that every time I see him, he looks better than the day before. I’m looking forward to the day that he’ll join us again in the field.”

Keep on fighting, Kyle. All of us here at Thunderbird are thinking of you and wishing you a successful recovery. It won’t be easy, but we have no doubt that your strength and perseverance will carry you through. You have our full support!