The Global Chamber’s Grow Globally Fair

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief

T-birds, there is an exciting networking opportunity coming up that you don’t want to miss! It’s the Grow Globally Fair, which is taking place next week on September 20 from 3-5 PM at Skysong. The Grow Globally Fair is the only annual event that features all the global resources in Phoenix in one place. This global trade fair will provide you with crucial information about doing business internationally as well as with the opportunity to meet the who’s who of Phoenix’s international business industry. The CMC has taught you how to network—so don’t miss this opportunity to practice your skills! Use this as a chance to grow your local Phoenix network as well as to prepare for upcoming career fairs and interviews.

The Grow Globally Fair is hosted by the Global Chamber, an organization that very much aligns with Thunderbird. Many Thunderbirds are members of the Global Chamber- find out why below.

What is the Global Chamber, and what does it do?

The Global Chamber is an organization that specializes in helping mid-market companies and service providers expand into international markets. By providing consulting, business matching, networking, and more, the Global Chamber makes global growth accessible, attractive, and successful.

Who is the Global Chamber?

The Global Chamber is an expansive network of executive and regional leaders all around the world. Members of the Global Chamber are incredibly diverse, including students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, and global citizens from every continent. The CEO and Founder of the organization, Doug Bruhnke, is an experienced international businessman who is incredibly talented at forming lifelong connections and making things happen.

Courtesy Global Chamber
Courtesy Global Chamber

Where is the Global Chamber?

Where exactly is the Global Chamber? Everywhere! The Global Chamber is headquartered in Phoenix but has active branches all over the world. These branches are called “metros,” and they give members the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit network in their local market as well as a diverse, worldwide network. Metros also facilitate the growth of international business by providing members with set of warm contacts in the city into which they are interested in expanding. For example, imagine you have your own business and you want to expand into Asia in order to better leverage cost advantages. You’ve never been to Asia before, and you have no idea what the cultural, regulatory, economic, and political landscape is. Enter the Global Chamber, which has metro locations in Ho Chi Minh City, Islamabad, Karachi, Kathmandu, Lahore, Manila, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, and more. As a member, you’d be able to use the network to secure warm contacts that will facilitate your business ventures, and once you’re there, you’ll have the support you need for your business to flourish.

Why was the Global Chamber formed? What is its mission?

The Global Chamber’s mission is to “engage executives and regional leaders in more successful cross-border trade and investment to accelerate global business growth, increase community success and change the world.” Here at Thunderbird, we’ve been taught to appreciate and respect the advantages that diversity and different perspectives bring to the business realm. We know how global the business world truly is, and we embrace globalization rather than reject it. The Global Chamber’s mission is to turn that knowledge into action, boosting sustainable development all over the world and truly making a difference.

How can I get involved?

As mentioned above, the Grow Globally Fair is a perfect opportunity to see what the Global Chamber is about for yourself. For just $5, you can attend the fair and obtain a student membership, which will grant you access to roundtables, events, and the network (and we all know how crucial building a solid network is!). If you are unable to attend the fair, you can sign up here.

Check out this message from CEO Doug Bruhnke on the evolution of the Grow Globally Fair (with a special shout-out to T-birds!):

“Before we became Global Chamber® we hosted the first ‘Grow Globally’ Fair in January 2009 in downtown Phoenix at Squire Patton Boggs, now an Ambassador-level member… thank you! Over the years we always get amazing people attending… like Scottsdale Mayor Lane in our first Grow Globally Fair at Skysong in 2012. Mayor Lane has been a strong supporter of Global Ties AZ and our work, and is always available to speak with foreign visitors. Behind the Mayor… Thunderbird School of Global Management…this year with 3 tables: one for Executive Education, one for Das Tor Newspaper, and another for Recruiting. It’s a T-Bird life at Grow Globally Fair!

Then last year (2015) was our first Grow Globally Fair as Global Chamber®. Melissa Sanderson received the Global Executive of the Year Award from Glenn Hamer of the AZ Chamber. And the most talented Mike Patterson and his team at Polsinelli sponsored the event then, and are sponsoring Grow Globally PHX this year, too! The inspiring global tribe of Phoenix… what a fun time it is to hang out with you one time per year!

CEO Doug Bruhnke, center, with 2 writers from the Japan Times. Courtesy Global Chamber
CEO Doug Bruhnke, center, with 2 writers from the Japan Times. Courtesy Global Chamber

Thank you for the memories!!

Looking forward to another great Grow Globally Fair this year, September 20th at Skysong.

Every day we work on making your global journey a little easier and more fun ;-)”

You can learn more about the Global Chamber and see a complete list of active metros, events, and blogs here. For questions or detail regarding the Grow Globally Fair, please contact

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