Adventures in Translation

By Chris Barton, Co-Editor; and Brian Adams, Guest Writer Over winter break, I took a trip down to Costa Rica to explore buying a trout farm in the mountains and setting up a Sustainability Education Center. I was working with locals and ex-pats, landowners and businesspeople. It was my first real international business experience, and […]

“The Crown”: A Netflix Jewel

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-Editor No orgies. No beheadings. No battlefield brutality. But wait, stay with me. Don’t let that deter you from watching “The Crown,” the prestige monarch drama that defies expectations of royal biographical television and greatly surpasses them. By adding cinematic quality (and $120 million in production) to a difficult and complicated time […]

Teenage Wasteland: San Pedro’s Sunken City

By Jake Strickler, Editor-in-Chief All photos by my dear, old friend Derrick Monks. Please check out his wonderful work. T-Birds are an adventurous lot. That’s the most reductive and unnecessary string of words I’ve ever put together but I had to start this thing somehow and if your week has been anything like mine then […]

Learning Spanish in Guatemala

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer My winter break = 8 hours a day learning Spanish in a one-on-one setting. Here’re my big take-aways: Chicken Busses (great business model): Busses run on point A to point B systems. They pretty much fill up to the brim before leaving. Once the bus is halfway to its destination, a […]

5 New Technological Innovations That Give a Glimpse Into the Future

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor Technological innovation has seemingly become a part of our everyday lives, and our dependency on new inventions and creations is changing the way that we come to interact with the world around us. Some of these cutting edge developments are practical, some fascinating, and some a little bit scary. Below are […]

Foundations: Then and Now

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief This January, I had the unique privilege of participating in Foundations for the second time, this time as a Cohort Leader and soon-to-be graduate of Thunderbird. The exhausting but rewarding week surprised me with an onslaught of nostalgia and reflection. It was a true “full circle” moment for me: I began […]

The New Mexico-U.S. Relationship: A Realpolitik Forecast

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer President-elect Trump is taking office on January 20th. Are we fully aware of the negative impact of his inflammatory rhetoric on the international stature of the U.S. and the system of alliances our country has built with other liberal democracies? He has underestimated the most recent intelligence reports on the Russian […]

How to Make the Most of Returning to Campus

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer A month out of school could mean a number of different things: a recharge of energy, positivity from reuniting with family and friends, a trip to remember, or even just some simple rest and relaxation. No matter what you did over the holidays though, the immediate changes in routine and […]

Which Language to Learn Next

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Wizard I woke up thinking about whether I wanted to go to China and learn Mandarin this summer or learn another language. To assess the pros of all the languages, I compiled all the first listed language data from The World Factbook, along with Population, Landmass, and GDP numbers from Wikipedia. If you […]