The Business of Vices: Las Vegas and Macao

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief This past weekend featured my first-ever trip to the city that epitomizes America’s flagship traits of capitalism and consumption: Las Vegas, Nevada. After crossing the Hoover Dam, I was met with a somewhat anticlimactic suburbia that made me question whether or not I had even left Glendale. Rows upon rows of […]

A Chance Conversation

By Chris Barton, Co-Editor On Monday night, at around 9 PM, I met God. He stood approximately 6 feet tall, had a short peppery beard, and looked a bit like an older Mos Def. He had on a worn blue baseball cap, a wool sweater and a navy rain slicker, grey trousers, and a pair of […]

Auto-Summarized Chinese New Year

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer If you’ve already broken your Gregorian calendar New Year’s resolution, you’re in luck, the Chinese New Year is almost here (28 January, Saturday). This year, the fire rooster shall reign supreme. The Chinese New Year tradition has a long and rich history–there are many days to celebrate with different activities. Instead […]

The Women’s March and Why It Matters

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-editor  The magic of the Women’s March that took place last Saturday went beyond the bold messages, creative signs, and enthusiastic chants. Inspired by the sheer numbers, genuine compassion, and noteworthy diversity, there was a larger feeling that this important moment was not just for the marchers, but for everyone they […]

The Secret Behind Thunderbird’s Media Control Room

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor “If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed at this school over the years, it’s that you get out what you put in.” I nodded in empathetic agreement as I sat with James Chalifoux, Thunderbird’s main Audio-Visual (AV) guy, in what seemingly could have been either the control room at CNN or […]

NAFTA’s Future: Sometimes a No-Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer  The moment we saw former President Obama flying away from Washington D.C., we knew that a whole batch of public servants believing in liberal democracy would be gone from D.C. and that America would become more self-centered and isolated. One of the saddest moments in American modern history took place […]