This Is It: A Last Encounter

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-editor Purple stains had settled under her eyes. Her sharp cheekbones created small, shadowy caves on either side of her face. “What’re you wearing?” she asked, her voice tremoring with a fragile and aged sweetness. I found it hard to put together that this was the same source of pointed slights […]

When Does a Place Become a Home?

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief Last week, I wrote an article about the psychology of moving. Writing the article got me thinking about another aspect of moving: home. What makes a place a home? Can you have more than one home? How do you turn a new house, city, or country into a place that feels […]

Verde Hot Springs, Arizona

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor Arizona is weird. Arizona is beautiful. Now those aren’t opinions, they’re facts, and whenever you blend the two together you know you’ve found something special. I’m not talking about your average run-of-the-mill tourist spots like Sedona, Antelope Canyon, or Horseshoe Bend. I’m talking about those spots you’ve really got to search […]

B-School: One Big Drag Show

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By Chris Barton, Co-Editor This past week, for whatever reason, I’ve been hearing a lot more “fake it till you make it” commentary. I’ve been told to “play the part,” “practice doing these things until they become authentic,” and “dress for the job you want.” Also, thanks to it being Pride Week in Phoenix, I’ve […]

Immortality for Dummies: Where to Live to Live Forever

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer The World Health Organization has been keeping track on mortality rates by country. From this, I thought it would interesting to see what places you should live based on your age. Here’s an Excel table formatted to show the age groups of countries with the lowest mortality rate for […]

Death on the Cheap: The Disappearance of Nick Schrock

By Jake Strickler, Editor-in-Chief Note: A previous version of this article erroneously reported that the body of an American male roughly matching Nick Schrock’s age and physical description washed ashore in the Sonoran city of Guaymas at the end of June, 1982. I have since discovered an official report stating that the body was, in […]

The Globalization of Assisted Suicide

By Lara Cornelius, Staff Writer Last November, Colorado approved a medical aid in dying ballot by two-thirds majority that allows those who suffer form a terminal illness to take doctor-prescribed sleeping medication that is life-ending. Aid in dying, or Proposition 106 (known as the End of Life Options Act), is a widely debated issue that […]

NAFTA 2.0 Or What?

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Trade Representative passed a NAFTA draft letter in Congress to outline the strategic objectives of the renegotiation of NAFTA. The letter allegedly was moderate in tone and does not align with the electoral propaganda that NAFTA was the worst deal […]