Death on the Cheap: The Big Sleep

By Jake Strickler, Editor-in-Chief “When Mr. Grim joined us [atop the cathedral] he took one look at the eagles and said: ‘I want to get down. This place specializes in cruelty.’ …[Ledesema] reminded [him], ‘But that is why you have come to Mexico. To see death…The cardinal principle of Christianity is that Jesus Christ died […]

T-birds Did It Again! Big Win in the International Business Ethics Case Competition

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer On behalf of the Thunderbird Honor Council, a group of five current Tbird students embarked on a journey to Santa Monica, California to partake in the 2017 International Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC) held from April 19-21 at the J. W. Marriott Hotel and Spa. The outcome of their participation […]

Closing Out the Year

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer Das Tor’s hotshot super-star editors are leaving us this go around, so I thought I’d try to pay homage through data (only way to do it right, right?). Snapshot of Das Tor’s Readership: Over the last two years, Das Tor has attained 204,805 visits and 358,034 page views. As seen from the […]

An Unconventional Love Letter

love letter

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief The first time we met you made me cry. I had just moved to Phoenix and was far outside of my comfort zone. I was feeling lonely and lost. I didn’t want to be anywhere near you, but I knew I had no choice—I would be spending every day with you […]

Thanks and Farewell

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor Whenever I accepted an offer to join the Das Tor team in early September of 2015, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At the time, I figured something along the lines of: “I like to write. What the hell, why not?” I didn’t realize that, for instance, […]

The Power of Yoga: “The Breath of Life Inside of You”

By Lara Cornelius, Staff Writer Many of us have probably seen the recent BBC India video that has gone viral of Nanammal, a 98 year old yoga teacher in India, who continues to teach and practice advanced poses that even her younger students struggle to replicate. In this ‘Bend It Like Granny’ video, Nanammal claims her good […]

A Refinery Exploded, Bernie Came to Town & Here’s What That Means to Me

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-editor My dad had offered to make me a drink, the first one we would have together. It was summer in Richmond, California, and I had just turned 21 that spring. But as we sat on the porch overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoyed the new experience, I noticed a […]

Down to the Wire: Tips for Landing a Last-Minute Internship

By Chris Barton, Co-Editor On Wednesday I heard back from an internship that I had applied for a little over a month ago. It was one I had an eye on for a while, and which I was excited about – but we were so close to summer that I was starting to get worried. […]