Thunderbird, Casablanca and 75 Years Gone

By Michael H. Moffett, Associate Professor and Continental Grain Professor in Finance at Thunderbird I love old movies. Not sure why, maybe a misspent youth, maybe a desire for what I perceived as simpler times gone by, whatever. But one movie has always represented Thunderbird over all others in my mind: Casablanca. 75 years ago this month, […]

Questioning Innovation, Part 1: Electric Lights and Crack Cocaine

By Chris Barton, Editor-in-Chief Here’s a fun game: Next time you are on a non-Thunderbird ASU campus, count the number of times you see the word ‘Innovation.’ You may see it on books, banners, business cards, buildings and busses, as well as blasted across every page on the ASU website. The sheer quantity of the […]

JFK Assassination Records

By Bryce Bower, Staff Writer On July 24, October 26, and November 3 of this year, the US National Archives released over 5,000 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Many documents are between 1 and 10 pages long, while some are more than 400 pages.  I have spent some time in […]

Viaggio nel Tempo in Italia: Time Traveling in Italy

Photo courtesy of Benvenuto Limos

By Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer For my entire life I have heard my parents reminisce on their first trip to Italy together. They were newlyweds, and my dad’s “Nonno” had asked them to accompany him on one of his annual trips to his hometown Chiavari, a small town by the Cinque Terre in the Liguria […]

ThunderCares: “Representing the Best of Thunderbird”

This past Saturday, 37 Thunderbird students gathered together at the Pub as early as 7am and 8am, to meet up before heading to either the Japanese Friendship Garden or  St. Vincent De Paul for the ThunderCares event of the semester. At St. Vincent De Paul, the students volunteered by putting  together and packaging peanut butter […]

Fire and Inspiration: Native American Women’s Conference

On a cold Tuesday night, the wood started to burn, flames danced with the wind, and flashing airplanes echoed in the sky. We sat around the fire on a patio of a cliff, covered with a cozy blanket. Steven Darden, the story teller, opened the night with the history of Native Americans—the child’s first laugh, […]

REVIEW – Thunder Birds: Soldiers of the Air

by Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer As any student who has visited the Archives or paid any attention to the posters on the walls of the Tower conference room knows, our little slice of Glendale got its start not as a business school, but as an air force base. And it was at this base, Thunderbird […]

The Next Generation of the Thunderbird Family of Misfits

Image Courtesy of

By Mackenzie Pedersen, Staff Writer Each fall semester at Thunderbird, a bushel of interesting individuals flock through the classrooms, the Commons, and (of course) the Pub. As Professor Javidan stated during Foundations, we are the black sheep, and we have found our home at Thunderbird. And inside that home, we have found our long-lost family. […]