Africans and African Americans: The Split

By Annie Wambita, Guest Writer Let us discuss the big elephant in the room: Black Panther. Have you watched it? I have, three times! Spoiler alert: when the General pulls out her sword ready to slay the love of her life for the sake of Wakanda, you cannot help but gasp in awe for a […]

A Month to Remember

By Chanel McFollins and Aireen Kinyanguli, Guest Writers  It was recently brought to our attention that some Thunderbird students were unaware of Black History Month. We wanted to address this not only because it is an American tradition, and we are at an international school where students may not know every tradition we practice, but because […]

Why Are People So Fascinated With Serial Killers?

By: Mackenzie Pedersen, Staff Writer What is it about serial killers that captivates us? The FBI defines a ‘serial killer’ as having commited: A series of three or more killings… having common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same actor or actors. People who are fascinated […]

TIAA Announces New Operations Manager

By John Schuldt, Executive Director of TIAA On behalf of the TIAA Board of Directors, I am pleased to tell you that Alicia Engel, EMGM class of 2016 (Cohort “E25”), has joined TIAA as its Operations Manager effective February 20, 2018.  Throughout Alicia’s 20+ year career, her passion to drive growth through employee engagement has established […]

Lessons from Learning Languages

By Bryce Bower, Co-editor According to John Algeo and Thomas Pyles, authors of The Origins and Development of the English Language, if one includes scientific terminology, suffixed and prefixed words, technical jargon and some foreign terms, the English language contains upwards of 1 million words. Compare this with the German dictionary that has 330,000 words, […]