DAMN. What an Album.

By Chanel McFollins, Staff Writer Hungarian-born Joseph Pulitzer settled in America and became a renown journalist and publisher. Upon his death in 1911, he left $2 billion to Columbia University to create the first journalism school in America, as well as set up what is now known as the Pulitzer Prize. The award honors distinguished […]

Self-Discipline. The Most Valuable Trait

By Tomiwa Adeyemo, Staff Writer.  There are three words I’m certain we’ve all said or thought before. Three words that have kept us up all night, words that we usually end up regretting the next morning and cause us to think to ourselves: “What the hell was I thinking last night?” Those words? “One more […]

Hippie Tree

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Jack Ebnet, Guest Writer  Hippie Tree Tucked away and hidden aside a residential neighborhood atop the hills of Tiburon, an off the radar slice of heaven, known by locals as the Hippie Tree, is easily one of the best views in the bay area. Only 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco, it is the […]

In the Spirit of Seoul

Courtesy of Kuoni

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief When I decided to go on the Summerim in Asia this past summer, I immediately knew that I wanted to travel to Japan before the program started. Shanghai and Singapore (the cities the Summerim included) were interesting enough, but I had felt a pull to Japanese culture, fashion and cuisine since […]