Thunderbird Podcasts Coming Soon

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief

Tell your family, friends and neighbors! Some T-birds have gotten the ball rolling on two different Thunderbird-style podcasts this semester. The first is one that has been in the works for over a year. I want to give a shoutout to Tyson Williams (MGM ’18) for championing this idea. He came to several Das Tor meetings last year, back when we were on the Glendale campus, and shared with us his vision of a podcast that would tell the amazing stories of Thunderbird students. With the “adjustments” that came with the move to downtown, it was difficult to start this up last semester. However, Tyson and Jesse Breffle (MGM ’19) came together and really solidified the way the podcast would feel.

I am happy to announce that Jesse and I will be co-hosting the Global Memoirs (title subject to change) Podcast this semester. You can expect to hear an episode a week. We met this week and tested the recording equipment- with the help of some Honor Council friends- and it ran (surprisingly) smoothly.

The focus will be on the unique stories of current T-bird students and Alumni, as well as their journey to Thunderbird and beyond. We will be interviewing people (a couple of our classmates don’t know they have been lined up yet, haha) who will be sharing stories from Kenya, Cambodia, Syria, China, Nepal, and Uganda – just to name a few. You won’t want to miss this.

Honor Council is also starting a podcast, interviewing T-birds – both past and present – who have dealt with some incredible ethical dilemmas in the workplace. They are in contact with some pretty cool Alumni, and I am interested to hear how they navigated high-caliber ethical issues. As future global leaders, learning from these experiences will be an invaluable tool for current students.

As it stands, we won’t be adding the Global Memoirs podcast to iTunes yet; it will actually be hosted on the Das Tor website. Keep your eyes out for it in the next couple weeks, and stay tuned for more information regarding the Honor Council podcast as well. These podcasts will showcase the kind of people who are naturally drawn to the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and hopefully draw some like-minded prospective students here as well.

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