The Rumour Mill

The Das Tor team has been speaking with students recently to try and discover what seem to be the most popular, believable rumours that are spreading around on campus. Sadly, this is going to be a clean spill and no personal stories will be covered. Rumour 1: The most popular and longest rumor of all […]

Thunderous FORAD defenses

The legendary FORAD defenses held last week was the long awaited grand finale for each of the 6 teams of Multinational Corporate Finance from Professor Michael H. Moffett’s class. Yes, final exams are not over yet but with no doubt, the relief experienced after the end of defense was unfathomable! So what is the big […]

Goodbye Regional Night…..for now

Saturday evening saw the Thunderbird community converge at the TEC for the third and final Regional Night of the trimester. And what a night it was! Dedicated to the countries of Asia, the event was filled with vibrant colours and flowing costumes. The food was rich in flavour, as were the diverse performances throughout the […]


Regional Nights have always been entertaining. Large turnouts, great food and spectacular performances in front of enthusiastic audiences. But there has been an unsung group of audience members that manages to draw attention away from anything else that may be happening around them. They play the parts of both audience and performers, cheering and dancing […]

Das Tor Survey Results

Q. If you were to sum up your time here at Thunderbird in one word or a phrase what would it be? Joyful Surprises The Tbird mystique is alive. Thunderbird connects people like no other school can. Memorable dramatic Q. Any last words to your friends before you become Thunderbird Alums? Get a job, avoid […]

Consulting Practicum Project turns into Historic Event

By: Alexander Davis, MBA’12 On Tuesday, the 4th December, five Thunderbird students added to the school’s legacy of being an influential institution at leading change in international business. As part of their project in Dr. Finney’s Consulting Practicum, Patrick Cole, Alex Davis, Stephen Sheldon, Megan Sievert and Luis Vidal presented to over 100 government and […]

Just for fun- Fall 2012 Graduate Survey

Dear soon to be graduates of fall 2012, the next set of Thunderbird Alums, The Das Tor team has set up a survey with just 8 questions to try and understand what has been the most memorable parts of your journey at Thunderbird, be it the crazy pub nights or the late night assignments. It […]

Week 12 -TSG Bulletin

Dear T-birds, We’re almost done! Firstly we would like to take the pleasure in announcing the TSG spring President  Ms. Anisha Vinny and assisting her as Vice President is Anirrban Mukherjii. The TSG Chair applications are still open and the deadline has been extended till December 4th, 12pm. Drop of your applications with your resume at […]

TMCA presents “Clash of the Consultants”

On the 30th November 2012, the trimester ritual was upheld again when Thunderbird Management Consulting Association (TMCA) presented an opportunity for our T-birds to flaunt their consulting skills at one of our legendary events, Clash of the Consultants. The event kicked off at 9a.m at the Yount building with over 20 students participating in 5 […]

Speaker : Jaime Barrerio, BBVA Micro-finance Foundation

The Thunderbird Microfinance Association, partnered with Net Impact, is hosting a special event Next Tuesday, December 4th from 6 pm at Snell 23. Food will then be served at the pub from 7 pm. We will be privileged to have Jaime Barreiro from the BBVA Microfinance Foundation come speak to us on campus, followed by food, […]