What is Latin America? To my friend. An invitation to explore Latin America.

Remember those kaleidoscopes from childhood? The ones that turned simple colored glass into a world of intricate patterns and vibrant colors with just a twist? I sure do. They were like like portals to a world of wonder and imagination. As we look closely, Latin America is like those kaleidoscope childhood adventures, where the past […]

MENA Regional Night

Join us in this recap of Thunderbird’s famous traditions: their Regional Night. This time we experience the Middle East and North Africa, better known as MENA, as students, artists, and merchants, give us a taste of what this region is about.

Festival Season in India

Learn about Diwali through the eyes of Das Tor writer, Shivangi. Learn of its different intersections and international relevance to the Indian community worldwide.

Veg Pulao Recipe

Learn another delicious recipe from Global Eats Cooking Competition winner Sakhi Solanki

Milk Tea With Boba (Bubble Tea)

Read the recipe that took second place in the Global Eats Cooking Competition and learn how to make deliciously sweet milk tea with boba