Summer 22′ Global Challenge Lab Experience: A Virtual Scrapbook

This summer, 58 T-birds participated in the Global Challenge Lab, a capstone course, working in ten teams across six countries (Netherlands, Colombia, UAE, Mexico, Kenya, Puerto Rico, USA) and seven cities (Amsterdam, Bogota, Dubai, Mexico City, Nairobi, San Juan, Washington DC). The teams celebrated their accomplishments at the GCL Campus Report-Out on August 23, 2022, […]

Securing Your Cyberspace

Staff Writer Isha Sharma shares tips & tricks to protect yourself from cyber criminals in the era of the 4IR

Introducing Eldunari

Das Tor continues celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring Elundari, a social impact start-up by four Thunderbird women who are supporting non-native speakers in their quest to learn effective English language skills.

A Reason to Live

Christina Furst and Lisa Patel talk through the path that led Lisa to her business, DNA