A Serbian Christmas

I did it! I had finally chosen the perfect gift. On January 7th, with pajamas on and a Santa hat donned, I met my friend and gave her a present with a sparkling red bow on top. The traditional shaking of the package was followed by a ripping off of the wrapping paper. From the […]

New Year’s Resolutions from T-birds

Das Tor asked current Thunderbird students about their New Year’s resolutions for 2021. These are the responses we received from T-birds around the world. Do you have a resolution to share? Feel free to comment below. Happy New Year from Das Tor! https://dastornews.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Thunderbird-New-Years-Resolutions-Das-Tor.mp4

Creating People-Based Societies

Growing up, I was thrown into the realities of addiction and poverty. I experienced the feelings of seeing a parent turn away from their family to a drink at a bar. My dad’s comfort was found in the bottom of a bottle, my comfort seemed lost, existing only in my imagination as I watched other […]

COVID Mental Maladjustment

This is part of an ongoing Das Tor series: T-birds Under Quarantine. We asked current students to write personal narratives of their experiences while in quarantine during the COVID-19 Pandemic, varying in location, restrictions, and personal situations. COVID Mental Maladjustment  Pre-COVID Quarantine I remember stepping back into school to begin the second semester, eager and […]

Thunderbird Holiday Traditions

Das Tor asked…What is your favorite holiday tradition? These are some of the responses we got from Tbirds around the world. Thanks to all who participated and happy holidays! https://youtu.be/GWqltUWLaDw%20

What is Thunderbird Mystique Really? Do I have it? And is it Contagious?

Over the past year, I have heard many speak about the ephemeral trait known as the “Thunderbird Mystique”. In some corners, it is referred to as a magical trait that T-Birds have. In others, it is our ‘misfit’ nature. Some students are still trying to figure out not only if they have it, but if […]