Get Involved! Fall 2022 Thunderbird Clubs

As it is customary every semester, Thunderbird students held Club Day this past August 24, 2022. Near 20 clubs gathered with great enthusiasm to welcome new and returning students to offer them the opportunity to join in club activities and apply for club membership.. Within the Global Forum of the N. Francis and Dione Najafi […]

TSG President’s Message – September

Jacob D. Taylor, TSG President, speaks about our new semester and the exciting new possibilities it holds. Find new ways to collaborate with TSG and help celebrate the global diversity at Thunderbird.

Summer 22′ Global Challenge Lab Experience: A Virtual Scrapbook

This summer, 58 T-birds participated in the Global Challenge Lab, a capstone course, working in ten teams across six countries (Netherlands, Colombia, UAE, Mexico, Kenya, Puerto Rico, USA) and seven cities (Amsterdam, Bogota, Dubai, Mexico City, Nairobi, San Juan, Washington DC). The teams celebrated their accomplishments at the GCL Campus Report-Out on August 23, 2022, […]