T-Birds Respond to the Election

By Chris Barton, Staff Writer  Last week, as I’m sure many of you noticed, the United States of America voted for a new president. Reactions since have been dramatic, with everything from angry protests to an uptick in racial harassment to an announced KKK celebration party. People all around the world have strong feelings about the […]

The Party’s Over (And Nobody Had any Fun)

By Jake Strickler, Editor-in-Chief “I have often wondered at the extreme fecundity of the press, and how it comes to pass that so many heads on which nature seemed to have inflicted the curse of barrenness should teem with voluminous productions.” Washington Irving     At some point over the last few months, I made […]

Foreign Perspectives on American Politics

By Chris Barton, Staff Writer “I have to say this. People outside of the United States do not understand what’s going on in this election. They really don’t,” claimed President Obama during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. In an election that has seemed at times more like the last season of a badly-written […]

“Best of Enemies” and the US Presidential Election

By Jake Strickler, Staff Writer With the US election season beginning to kick into high gear, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of punditry and childish personal attacks that has come to characterize the American political process. With the current field of candidates and the tenor of the race thus far bordering on […]