Is Reading a Lost Art?

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief I recently wrote an article in response to the closure of my favorite Phoenix used bookstore, the Bookshop. Now that I’ve come to terms with the situation emotionally, I’m seeking answers to all my questions. Do people still read physical, weight-in-your-hands, faint-smell-of-must books? Where do they acquire their reading materials? Is […]

A Farewell to My Favorite Bookshop

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief The first time I visited Phoenix was in April 2015. I had recently found out about Thunderbird and was strongly considering attending, but I wanted to visit the school and talk to some current students before making my final decision. Having grown up in the Midwest before moving to Boston, Phoenix […]

Get Out of Glendale: The Book Lover’s Guide to Phoenix

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor My love affair with literature started before I can even remember. I learned to read at a young age, but even before then I was obsessed with books and being read to. (My parents love telling the story of how I memorized the entire Green Eggs and Ham book when I […]