On Change and Grief

By Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer The coiling, Seussian palm trees seen from the window of every white-brick dorm room. The Fish and the lone surviving swimming pool, which have born witness to endless revelry through the years. The Jacuzzi fountain, sitting pristine outside of the sturdy, stocky Snell building, “watering hole” for students seeking support […]

A New Graduate’s Perspective on The Move

By Bethany-Angel Chijindu (MGM ’17), Guest Writer The morning after I graduated from Thunderbird, I woke up to the news that the campus I had come to love would be moving downtown. I was sad to hear about the move, and I spent that day depressed instead of basking in the joy of having just […]

They Are Not Moving Thunderbird, They Are Relaunching It

By Michael H. Moffett, Continental Grain Professor in Finance, Thunderbird I came to Thunderbird in 1994. I gave up tenure at a Pac10 school to risk my professional future at a school that embraced international business. Where international was not a niche, but the point. It had been known as an old war stories college, […]

Memories of our Campus

By Chris Barton, Editor-in-Chief With the decision to move downtown weighing on everyone’s mind, this seems like a good moment to remember what our historic campus once was. From the Thunderbird School of Global Management Collection at the Arizona Memory Project comes some samplings of our early visual history. Click on the link above to […]

7 Past and Present Thunderbirds on the Move to Downtown Phoenix

Photo courtesy of dtphx.org

Compiled by Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer.  Thunderbird’s announcement to close the historical Glendale campus and move to downtown Phoenix has been met with diverse reactions by students and alumni. The move is said to provide Thunderbird with more opportunities for growth and updated technologies, but has been met with criticism by some who feel the […]

Moving Forward: Reinventing the Thunderbird Mission

Photo courtesy of The Faith

By Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer This week Thunderbird announced that the campus my classmates, countless alumni before us and I have come to know and love as a home will be closed within the next year. The school is moving to Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix campus. The announcement has been met with a mixture […]

From Thunderbirds to Sun Devils

Photo courtesy of Whitman College

By Anonymous, current student  Embrace modernity, remember history. My feelings on the move to downtown are feelings of alarm. The campus at Downtown will have many state of the art facilities, but I fear it will lack the authenticity of the Thunderbird campus. I don’t believe the administration did what they should have to advance […]

Death and New Life: What Survives the Move Downtown

By Chris Barton, Editor-in-Chief Thunderbird is moving downtown. Or rather, there will be a building with a Thunderbird logo on it downtown. The Thunderbird School of Global Management, as we have come to know and love it, will probably not be moving downtown. That Thunderbird will likely disappear and fade into history. Something else will […]