How Social Media Has Changed the Way We Communicate

Bu Gillian Reid, Guest Writer Someone sits behind a computer and tells the internet how they feel about a topic. But is it really how they feel – or are they just typing what everyone else wants to hear? This is how we get to know one another now – we are sitting behind a […]

Mindfulness in Communication

By Bryce Bower, Staff Writer When I was considering grad schools, one of the main aspects of Thunderbird that appealed to me was the fabled “Global Mindset.” As I understand it, this mindset means that T-birds are opposed to the belief that one’s culture or way of life is superior to others. We’re are supposed […]

Mm… Delicious Food for Thought

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor Sharing a meal together is an important part of most cultures around the world and it helps members of society build bonds. Modern anthropology tends to stress the usefulness of food as a marker of social boundaries. Plus, eating with friends is fun! Brown Bag Lunch Talks or […]

From the Desk of the TSG President

Greeting T-birds! As December begins to cast a chill over the Arizona desert, it heralds another amazing Fall trimester coming to an end. And with the end of this trimester, my term as the President of TSG also comes to an end. This is the last time I will be addressing all you wonderful people with […]

The Weekly Substandard, CCC-pocalypse

As the middle of second module approaches quickly, chaos is on the midst of its heels. CCC classes under the guidance of Professor Karen Walch were exposed to a bit of the real world this week when they were told that they would now be voting whether to cooperate or compete against one another, all […]

Cross-cultural communication lessons from Peru

By Dr. Eileen Borris, Thunderbird Adjunct Professor Anyone who has ventured from the safety of home to experience different environments has committed cross-cultural blunders. This is part of the learning process. All global explorers have funny, difficult, lonely, humbling or even frightening stories to share. One of my most recent lessons in cross-cultural communication occurred […]