Faculty Column: Better Networks for Managing Customer Relationships

By Professor Gabriel Gonzalez The task of managing relationships with customers has become much more complex. Relationship managers or RMs operate in an environment where sophisticated solutions have become the norm. This means that they must bring to bear their firm’s resources on the problems that their customers face. They often have to do this […]

Got Solar? T-Bird goes to Greentech Media Solar Summit

By Gary Napadov This past week I had the honor and privilege of being the guest of Greentech Media, by way of Impress Labs, at the Greentech Media Solar Summit 2013 (#GTMSS13). How, you may ask did I score an all-access pass to the sixth annual event that brings together the world’s leading solar companies, […]

The Company Visit

One of the perks of being in school is that you get exposed to a barrage of company visits. You may not definitely get the same in-depth experience that you would get in a school-arranged company tour if you went by yourself, and you most certainly will not get to visit a lot of organizations, because […]

The China Bulletin

By Patrick Mah As I write this in one of our favourite restaurants, the smells of piquant spices are making me hungry. China is not only mouth-watering, it’s amazing. For many of us, landing in Beijing was like landing in a fairy tale. As we looked out the window, the plane cut through the clouds, […]

Here Comes The Crazy Summer!

By Kelly Swanson For the On-Demand classes that means summer vacation for kids and families, and it’s nice outside for everyone else while you’re inside. How do you juggle that demand at home and while your in college? It’s really hard, but not impossible.  Make sure you’re prepared for everything, and don’t settle for less […]

On-Demand? Why would someone do that?

By Kelly Swanson When I saw the staff of the Das Tor listed in the magazine I asked myself, “Where are the On-Demand folks?” I kept reading, and found a small article that mentioned the On-Demand program and how they were going on an RBE. Farther back in some other issues it was mentioned again. […]

My Experience at Startup Weekend Phoenix at Thunderbird

By Matt Smith Last weekend I attended an amazing event called Startup Weekend. What is Startup Weekend you may ask? It is a microcosm of entrepreneurship and starting a company in a weekend. On Friday night you hear business idea pitches. From there you join teams around the ideas and start building. This may sound […]

Photo Boom, the man behind the cause

You all must have noticed by now the Photo Boom explosion on the gameroom wall at the Pub. This started as a marketing tool by Shutter Club to mark its presence this tri and to share its passion with the Thunderbird community. Most of the back wall is now filled with just the pictures taken by one man, Nishit […]

Be a Campus Ambassador this Tri

Thunderbird Campus Ambassadors is a student led organization that works closely with the Recruiting and Admissions offices at Thunderbird. These volunteers bridge the divide between the institution and prospective students, corporate partners and the public. Campus Ambassadors Activities Include: Meeting with future students Class visits Thunderbird Preview Weekends Campus Tours Webinars and Online Chats Representation […]

My Thunderbird Moment

My Thunderbird Moment I don’t remember the exact string of words in our first conversation. Maybe because it was effortless and happened over doughnuts: Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts in pretty pink and white boxes sitting on the pantry table. It was the third day of my summer internship and I was purposely lingering around the […]