Snowden, Panama Papers, and The Media

By Bryce Bower, Co-Editor Snowden Edward Snowden, according to one of his coworkers at the NSA, is a genius among geniuses. He knew what he was doing when he went to reporters to share the data he had “stolen” from the NSA. Data that uncovered a massive surveillance network The way Snowden tells it, he […]

Adapt or Die: Adaptations, Reboots, and Retellings

by Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer   When the teaser trailer for the Wrinkle in Time movie first appeared on my social media feed, I frantically scrolled down to conceal it before any of the cast appeared on screen. I had missed the memo that there would be an adaptation of one of the books that […]

Seller’s Secret Recipe

How do brands differentiate themselves and court consumers’ attention? Kevin Sellers, VP of Advertising and Digital Marketing for Intel was on campus to speak to students about this. Hosted by the Thunderbird Marketing Association, it was impressive to have a leader of his caliber on campus. Currently a marketing and branding executive, Mr. Sellers has […]

TEDx No Longer for November, but Next Tri Something to Remember

By Mohamad Abou Zeinab For those who know or didn’t know, Thunderbird was going to have its very first TEDx event this November. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Our volunteer team of event curators have been working in close partnership with the school in organizing and hosting TEDxYouth@Thunderbird. TED headquarters had not responded with […]