Is Facebook Worth It?

By Tomiwa Adeyemo, Staff Writer “If a service is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.” I’m not exactly sure who coined that phrase, but I am certain about the first time I heard it, which was in an interview featuring Apple CEO Tim Cook, where he reiterated Apple’s legendary stance on privacy (Apple […]

How Social Media Has Changed the Way We Communicate

Bu Gillian Reid, Guest Writer Someone sits behind a computer and tells the internet how they feel about a topic. But is it really how they feel – or are they just typing what everyone else wants to hear? This is how we get to know one another now – we are sitting behind a […]

How to Tell if You’re Reading Fake News

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By Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer In the age of the Internet and social media, word travels fast, quickly and easily. Anyone can look up just about anything in a matter of seconds, and the world wide web will instantly provide millions of resources for perusal. Unfortunately, the ease with which anyone can access the Internet […]

Cell Phone Etiquette in the Workplace

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By Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer About a year ago, my dad sent me a video he found on Facebook. This is not out of the ordinary for my dad; I actually rolled my eyes when I saw it because I’m so used to him sharing articles, videos, etc., with my siblings and I to impart […]

Influencer Marketing: The Next Big Thing

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief I have a bad habit. Every morning when I first wake up, I check my email. And then I scroll through Instagram. And scroll and scroll and scroll. I see a handful of posts from friends and family followed by a deluge of perfectly-timed photos of faraway places, delicious-looking treats, sparkly […]

The Weekly Substandard: Relationship Retail

Jill: Jack and I decided that perhaps it is time that we redeem ourselves after our last two articles were a bit… ermmm…. Anyway, how about this gem: Fake Facebook Girlfriends. The Atlantic published an exposé detailing, a website offering such services. You’ve got to love it- social media has stooped to a new […]