Unveiling Syrian Refugee Camps

By Maddie Handler, Guest Writer When I first arrived in Jordan, all I really knew was that I wanted to learn about human development and helping people effectively so that it really causes an impact. I wanted to meet real people who wake up every day knowing that their job is making someone else’s life […]

A Dance of Interpretation, Part III: Refugees Welcome!

By Bryce Bower, Staff Writer There were many German people who originally supported Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s decision to accept and provide asylum for Syrian refugees.  As with any government decision, however, there were also those who opposed it- and those who continue to oppose it.  In Germany, this tension manifested as the deeply seeded […]

A Dance of Interpretation, Part II: The Refugee Life

Courtesy of Bryce Bower

By Bryce Bower, Staff Writer Last week I wrote about my first experience working with refugees at the Red Cross in Burg bei Magdeburg, Germany. This week I will be sharing some stories of the lives of Syrians who left their homes to find refuge in Germany. I met a Syrian man in his late […]

A Dance of Interpretation: Refugees in Germany

By Bryce Bower, Staff Writer The German term for where I worked was “Migrationsberatungsstelle des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes.” Yes, that is a very long word; it means Immigration Advice Office of the German Red Cross. It was an office whose sole purpose was to help refugees and asylum seekers adjust to life in Germany, and […]