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A Global Debate: Why Nations that Fail Women Fail

Read the first debate in Das Tor’s Global Chalice series, where two of our writers take the perspective of a citizen of the Global North or Global South and debate a controversial issue germane to our current business and political environment

Making a Beautiful Movie

Staff Writer Jonas Narh shares how the law of attraction shaped his journey to Thunderbird and gives advice on aligning your heart and mind in your pursuits

Bringing Profits to Non-Profits

Read about Staff Writer Sonia Elizondo’s summer internship helping female survivors of human trafficking and how it influenced her career path

Thunderbird Portrait

Listen to the stories of Thunderbirds, gain insight into their career path, travels, experiences, and perspectives.

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See more of the Thunderbird life with our photo gallery.

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Learn More About Thunderbird

Thunderbird gathers an elite group of students from around the world to serve as Campus Ambassadors to support fellow students and prospective students through their academic journeys. Meet our Ambassadors and get a feel for student life.