If you are interested in joining Das Tor, want to submit letters or articles, please email our Editor-in-Chief Lexa Montierth.


Letters may be written to Das Tor as responses to specific articles. You may also comment on the specific articles directly on the page.

Das Tor welcomes all members of the Thunderbird community to submit articles. All articles should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief for consideration. Submissions reflect the opinions of individual writers and not of the Das Tor editorial board. They may be written on a subject of the author’s choice, limited to 1000 words, must be original work and grounded in fact.

Das Tor reserves the right to decide which submissions to publish. All submissions become the property of the Das Tor and are subject to editing for grammar, punctuation, libelous content and length. Once published, articles will not be removed. Editing will be performed in accordance with the Associated Press and Das Tor style guidelines. All submissions must contain the author’s name, title, and year of graduation.

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