Das Tor is a multimedia platform created to share Thunderbird stories.


It is our mission to provide essential Thunderbird news, present thought-provoking debate on current events, and promote diverse viewpoints that explore global business practices, non-profit organizations, and international adventures. Das Tor provides a space for current and past Thunderbirds to express their culture, beliefs, and opinions while staying true to the ethical standards of journalism and upholding the Thunderbird Oath of Honor.

Das Tor History

Thunderbird student Bob Morabito founded Das Tor in 1969 as “an open forum for debate.” The student publication continued in print until fall 2011, when the format changed to digital. The new online publication continues the Das Tor mission to serve as a clearinghouse of ideas that may further prepare students for the international community.

Why is it named “Das Tor”

Das Tor means “the gate” in German. Founding editor Bob Morabito wrote this mission statement in 1969: “Wherever we travel, whenever we pass from one country to another we must go through a gate. However, Das Tor means more than simply the traversing of borders; it stands as a symbol and artery of communication through the barriers of superstition, ignorance, dogma, racism, and prejudice; traditional enemies which continue to be a detriment to progress and global peace. Idealistic though it may sound, it has now become the responsibility of our generation, the future leaders of the international community, to make every effort to widen these gates and succeed where previous generations have failed. Das Tor must, therefore, be an open forum for debate, a clearinghouse of ideas that may further prepare us for the international community and further augment the reputation of this youthful institution.”

Das Tor is committed to the four standards of ethical journalism: seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent. Read more about these standards at the Society of Professional Journalists.

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