What does the Thunderbird Student Goverment stands for?

The Thunderbird Student Government (TSG) are representatives of the student body, Thunderbird Student Government seeks to promote the welfare of each individual by enhancing the student experience. As citizens of the world, we strive to promote values of diversity and inclusion to create a sustainable environment that allows us to excel as professionals during and after our studies.

In addition to these roles, TSG is also responsible for organizing and managing events throughout the entire school year. These events are crucial for fostering community spirit and providing enriching experiences for the student body.If you want to stay updated on all the activities and meetings that TSG has planned, click on this drive link to have access to all the information.

This comprehensive resource includes details about upcoming events, meeting schedules, and other relevant activities organized by TSG. It’s a great way to stay informed and get involved in the vibrant life of our campus.