Meet the Das Tor Executive Team

The Das Tor team recently underwent a change in leadership, and we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to our readers in this Club Spotlight.

Das Tor Exclusive: Getting to Know the TSG Team

The Thunderbird Student Government (TSG) team recently underwent a change in leadership. As the new leadership team takes office, Das Tor sat down to interview and learn more about our new leaders.

Women Multicultural Alliances with Thunderbird Women in Business

This is part of Das Tor’s ongoing series, “Club Spotlight,” in which the leadership of different Thunderbird clubs describe their mission, goals, and why students should consider joining their group. For centuries women have been viewed as the weaker, more vulnerable gender. They have been rendered inferior, not necessarily with their consent, but with considerable […]

New Beginnings: A Message of Hope for the Spring 2021 Semester

As we start the Spring 2021 semester, we enter yet another semester living during unprecedented times. I certainly did not plan to be beginning my second semester in graduate school by attending classes entirely online, never having met any of my classmates in person. Last year at this time, COVID-19 was still a relative unknown, […]

Lockdown, Restrictions, & COVID-19: The Thunderbird Perspective

How did COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions impact current Thunderbird students? In November 2020, Mahmoud Zarati and Ryo Saito surveyed students to find the answer to this question. They collaborated with Das Tor Staff Writers Andrea Awuah and Sophie Dessart to share their powerful and revealing findings.

What is Thunderbird Mystique Really? Do I have it? And is it Contagious?

Over the past year, I have heard many speak about the ephemeral trait known as the “Thunderbird Mystique”. In some corners, it is referred to as a magical trait that T-Birds have. In others, it is our ‘misfit’ nature. Some students are still trying to figure out not only if they have it, but if […]