Fierce and Collaborative “Game Changer”! Meet Tamala, our latest guest at the ruebling table event who believes in transforming Lives with Compassion and Empathy.

  The event was truly inspirational, offering profound insights into Tamala’s remarkable journey and her distinctive leadership style. Through a series of thought-provoking questions, she has ignited within us a profound determination to excel in our endeavors. Tamala’s mentoring on how to gracefully handle rejection and prepare for a successful career. If you missed the […]

What is Latin America? To my friend. An invitation to explore Latin America.

Remember those kaleidoscopes from childhood? The ones that turned simple colored glass into a world of intricate patterns and vibrant colors with just a twist? I sure do. They were like like portals to a world of wonder and imagination. As we look closely, Latin America is like those kaleidoscope childhood adventures, where the past […]

The Case for Crypto

What is Crypto? How about a Blockchain? Thor Abbasi guides us through these concepts, as well as explains recent sensational news such as the FTX collapse.

Aha to Exit: Start-Up Roadmap

Thunderbird Alumni and ASU professor, Aram Chavez, leads us through the Road to Aha Roadmap. A framework for entrepreneurs

Careers in Consumer Insights

Shivangi interviews Tbird alum, Michelle Gansle, VP of Global Insights & Analytics at McDonalds, who unveils the best insights for students looking to create a career in consumer insights.

Black History Month

Author and student Talia Williams, discusses the significance of African American/Black History. She highlights Black innovators from the past who have contributed numerous inventions to modern-day society. Talia also mentions solutions to the education system when it comes to teaching the masses about Black history.