What is Latin America? To my friend. An invitation to explore Latin America.

Hector Jose Orrico Luque

Hector Jose Orrico Luque

In house podcaster of Dastor

Remember those kaleidoscopes from childhood? The ones that turned simple colored glass into a world of intricate patterns and vibrant colors with just a twist? I sure do. They were like like portals to a world of wonder and imagination.

As we look closely, Latin America is like those kaleidoscope childhood adventures, where the past and present blend seamlessly. It’s where ancient civilizations like the Maya and Aztecs meet the influence of Spain and Portugal. And as you go through every country, it reveals a new combination of culture, history, and landscapes. You will find traces of pyramids alongside grand cathedrals, reminding us of our diverse heritage. Latin America is a mix of indigenous, African, European, and Asian roots, woven together over centuries.

Adding imagination to our memory, what if our kaleidoscope could also emit sounds? As you twist, you’ll hear the languages and dialects come to life. Spanish, Portuguese, indigenous tongues and Creole languages blend to create a melodic linguistic mosaic. History whispers through the old streets, where the rhythm of life beats in harmony with the people, and where every corner has a unique story to tell.

Latin America will captivate all your senses, and I am certain that you’ve heard about its food. From spices of Mexican street tacos, the flavors of Argentinian asado, or the fresh ceviche of Peru. Each plate tells a story, a fusion of ingredients, techniques, and influences from all parts of the world where every bite is a memory waiting to be created.

All this colorful journey can only be complemented by Latin America’s universal language, music. Whether it’s the lively rhythms of salsa and cumbia, the heartfelt ballads of a bolero or a tango, or the contagious beats of samba and reggaeton, it transcends and speaks directly to the soul.

So, my dear friend, the countries in Latin America are filled with things to admire. Until you embark on your adventure, know that their wonders are waiting for you to explore. I invite you to go and discover it for yourself, to see the colors, hear the sounds, taste the flavors, and feel the warmth of its people.

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