Global Sounds in the Building


Global Sounds, our very own Thunderbird band is playing live this coming Pub Nite, Thursday 4th October, 9:30 onwards.

Time to bring back some Blues, Rap & Good ol’ Classick Rock.

This Thursday the members playing are:

  • Connor Clark- Rapper, Ukele and Drummer
  • Matthew Earley- Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Harmoniza
  • Travis Richardson- Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Harm
  • Katy Spada- Piano
  • Thomas Carpenter- Piano
  • Kuang-Po Lee(Julian) – Guitar/Bass
  • Radhesh Khungar- Guitar/Bass
  • Geoff Howel- Guitar/Bass, Drummer, Vocalist
  • Jessica Wong- Piano, Guitar
  • Harshit Shah- Drummer, Tabla Player
  • Anush Kumar- Drummer, Backup Vocals
  • Nate Stickney- Piano

Check out their last performance after the Spring, Asian Regional Night at the Pub:


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