DAS TOR Current Vision

To provide essential Thunderbird news, present thought-provoking debate on current events, and promote diverse viewpoints that explore global business practices, non-profit organizations, and international adventures. Das Tor provides a space for current and past Thunderbirds to express their culture, beliefs, and opinions while staying true to the ethical standards of journalism and upholding the Thunderbird Oath of Honor.

Thunderbird student Bob Morabito founded Das Tor in 1969 as “an open forum for debate.” The student publication continued in print until fall 2011, when the format changed to digital. The new online publication continues the Das Tor mission to serve as a clearinghouse of ideas that may further prepare students for the international community.

Das Tor means “the gate” in German. Founding editor Bob Morabito wrote this mission statement in 1969: “Wherever we travel, whenever we pass from one country to another we must go through a gate. However, Das Tor means more than simply the traversing of borders; it stands as a symbol and artery of communication through the barriers of superstition, ignorance, dogma, racism, and prejudice; traditional enemies which continue to be a detriment to progress and global peace. Idealistic though it may sound, it has now become the responsibility of our generation, the future leaders of the international community, to make every effort to widen these gates and succeed where previous generations have failed. Das Tor must, therefore, be an open forum for debate, a clearinghouse of ideas that may further prepare us for the international community and further augment the reputation of this youthful institution.”


DAS TOR Masthead in the Past.  Since the change to digital format, Das Tor staff members have included:

  • FALL 2019/SPRING 2020 Tanner Weigel (MAGAM ’20), Editor-in-Chief, Darcy Nelson (MAGAM ’20), Creative Director, Billy Pierre (MAGAM ’20), Staff Writer, Tomiwa Adeyemo (MAGAM ’20), Staff Writer

  • FALL2018/SPRING 2019: Editor-in-Chief Bryce Bower & Amanda Cardini; Staff Writers Chanel McFollins, Tanner Weigel, Darcy Nelson, Billy Pierre, Tomiwa Adeyemo

  • SPRING 2018: Editor-in-Chief Chris Barton; Editor-in-Chief Mary Richardson; Staff Writers Daisy Jasmine, Bryce Bower, Amanda Cardini, Mackenzie Pedersen; Multimedia Staff Laura Quintero Cervantes
  • FALL 2017: Editor-in-Chief Chris Barton; Editor-in-Chief Mary Richardson; Staff Writers Daisy, Jasmine, Youfeng (Gloria) Pan, Bethany-Angel Chijindu, Bryce Bower, Amanda Cardini, Mackenzie Pedersen; Multimedia Staffers Aida Soto, Laura Quintero Cervantes
  • SPRING 2017: Editor-in-Chief Lauren Herbert; Editor-in-Chief Jake Strickler; Co-Editors Nash Wills, Mary Richardson, Chris Barton; Staff Writers Aaron RockwellLaura AvilesJulio Espinoza
  • FALL 2016: Editor-in-Chief Lauren Herber; Editor-in-Chief Jake Strickler; Co-Editor Nash Wills; Staff Writers Alex Marino, Aaron Rockwell, Mary Richardson, Chris Barton, Laura AvilesJanhavi HunnurJulio Espinoza
  • SPRING 2016: Editor-in-Chief Alina Buzgar; Co-Editor Emma Livingston; Co-Editor Lauren Herber; Co-Editor Jake Strickler; Staff Writer Makarand Gawande; Staff Writers Nash WillsChaitra SomasunderAlex Marino; IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri
  • FALL 2015: Editor-in-Chief Alina Buzgar, IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri, Co-editor Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor Emma Livingston and Staff Writers Keith Blincoe, Makarand Gawade, Jake Strickler, Lauren Herber, Nash Wills, Chaitra Somasundar and Sanghita Dey 
  • SUMMER 2015: Editor-in-Chief Alina Buzgar, IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri, and Staff Writer Emma Livingston
  • SPRING 2015: Editor-in-Chief Richard Beitman, IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri, Features & News Editor Alina Buzgar, Audio and Visual Editor Marissa Burkett and Staff Writers Emma Livingston, Jessica Knutzon, Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Keith Blincoe, Arnold Wang and Gloria Liu
  • FALL 2014: Editor-in-Chief Bala S Rajendran, Co-Editor Giaccome Paccione, IT Director Ooha Venugopal and Staff Writers Richard Beitman, Jessica Knutzon, Alina Buzgar, David Roman, Krunal Barabde and Gloria Liu
  • SPRING 2013: Editor-in-Chief Michael Reardon, Features Editor Sneha Gayatri, IT Developer Mahmood Hussain, and Staff Editors Spencer Davison and Nicole Johnson
  • FALL 2012: Editor-in-Chief Ashwathy Sreenivasan, Features Editors Sangeetha Nagaratnam and Vinayendra Parvathaneni, and News Editor Michael Reardon
  • SPRING 2012: Editor-in-Chief Roger Li, News Editor Viola Luo, News Editor Ashwathy Sreenivasan, and Features Editor Onyeka Azike
  • FALL 2011: Editor-in-Chief Sophia Gao, News Editor Julianne Dixon, News Editor Roger Li, and Features Editor Ben Neblock