Euromonitor: A Recent Alum’s Path to the Present

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor ‘Tis the season of company informational sessions. Whether virtual or in person, major shout-out to the CMC this year because there have been a lot of them. A wise person should make it a habit to attend these sessions as often as possible, but precisely because there are so many, the […]

Ultimate Interview Prep Tools

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer It’s that time of year again: internship and job search season. A time when stress levels begin to rise, PAR statements are practiced in front of the mirror, companies start to call, and the task of answering the crucial question of where you will be either next summer or next […]

David Young: A Thunderbird Life

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer The Thunderbird alumni network is one of the central components and greatest selling points of the school. To be a graduate from Thunderbird is to be a member of an organization, an exclusive club, where membership is enjoyed for life. It is fraternal, and must be experienced in order to […]